Switching from day to night.

Hello people, back from my very long break 🙂 been busy becoming a Medical Doctor, but that post is for another day. Took the pictures in a studio because I had a studio shoot that day so I just killed two birds with one stone.… Read more...

A day out in the city.

A day out in the city
Hello lovelies. Hope the weekend is going fine. Nothing much to this look, just a fun shoot and me knowing new places thanks to my photographer Marianna Karabut.

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Zaful Anniversary giveaway

Who doesn’t love giveaways? Zaful is celebrating it’s 3rd anniversary in splendid style and they are giving away $100 gift cards to several winners.… Read more...

Let’s take a walk along the river.

lets take a walk along the riververWhat a beautiful morning it was to take a walk along the river. Taking in the beautiful scenery and the cool breeze helps you clear your head and think and for me speak the word over my life. The sun was really out to play though, but i didn’t mind taking pictures in it.… Read more...

Must Have Bikini Set

Every woman wants to look good, whether going to an event, taking a casual stroll, relaxing on the beach or taking a swim. Here are 4 bikini set ideas from Zaful for you to wear this summer.

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Summer, in all it’s hotness comes with a lot of wedding parties. I guess it isn’t so comfortable having a wedding in winter months or during the rainy season especially in Nigeria where the rain can impede a lot of things. Growing up, we used to pray for it not to rain on the day of a wedding, both hosts and guests alike. … Read more...