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Hello people!

What a busy week it was, but this weekend is turning out explosive 🙂 (ask me later). Hope your weekend is coming along well. The denim overall trend never goes out of fashion and is so cool for autumn. I wore a striped sweater underneath, cause its cold around here, but you can wear a nice fitted top in hot weather.dsc_0592-01-comp

compit can also be worn over an off shoulder top. You can be creative in styling your overall, but simple looks good on me…..winks…..wore a red shoe, to add a pop of color and decided to join the socks out fashion.dsc_0605-01-01-comp in between, i love 1piece earrings.dsc_0584-01-compi got this overall from dresslink, an online store.dsc_0572-01-comploved this photosession, i was so in “the hood” mood.dsc_0566-01-comp

that moment when you are trying to do the splits, but you know you cant go any further, so you stop mid-way and pose for the camera.

Thanks for visiting today, until next saturday. Love.

Blessed thoughts: Begin somewhere, you can never build a reputation on what you intend to do. You don’t have to have all you need or the best to start, every big thing started small.


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