Autumn: Skater Skirt

Hola people, welcome back. sorry, i couldn’t post on saturday, was busy, but its here now. So today its all about this beautiful skater skirt and sweater. dsc_0136-01-comp

dsc_0126-01-01-compPaired this skater skirt with a black shirt and gray sweater. Went with a black ankle boot and of course socks. The weather in Ukraine this autumn isn’t picture friendly. It gets dark pretty early.



dsc_0154-01-01-compThe sweater and skirt are from an online store-dresslink, the black shirt is from teranova and the boot is from centro. Used a broach at the top of the shirt.dsc_0145-01-comp

dsc_0147-01-compnow, don’t I love this picture! In the spirit of autumn.

dsc_0129-01-01-compThanks for viewing guys. Do visit again on saturday. Hasta luego! Love.

Blessed thoughts: Always see yourself as a channel through which things can happen. Whatever you have (money, skill, idea) wasn’t given just to you and for you only, but for others to benefit.


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