Casual Fall Look: zaful review

Buenas tardes preciosas! How is your week turning out? Mine is really busy with school and other activities.

Looking casual and comfy is a staple in every fashion book. If you ask me, i would go for comfortable and free anytime anyday. I can wear jeans and a sweater or top paired with sneakers 365 days a year and be ok. I acheived this look with this knee hole jeans from Zaful and a sweater i got from a store in my area. Got the sneakers online. Like the one knee rip of the jeans, it adds a little bit more street to the look.

Zaful is giving away $100 gift cards to 10 people. All you have to do is Click Here and leave a comment with the link to your favorite product and your email. Promo ends Nov 31. Winners will be contacted Dec 1-3.

I really don’t know how to place this look, it is giving off different vibes….:) I decided to play around with my makeup (ok, my lips, i am not so good with makeup. i don’t even fleek my brows, cause i don’t know how. i just always leave it natural)

Dear me, is it fall or winter in Ukraine? I can still see myself shivering through these pictures. Oh boy! It was cold, it took me two days to de-freeze. I couldn’t even play around with poses. This is the fastest photoshoot i have had.I added a sombrero (hat).

Thanks for viewing guys. do check back for more. Hasta pronto! Love.

Blessed thoughts: Be a woman who dares to be different and strives to make a difference. you were not made for only the kitchen, there are lives to impact, people to influence and nations to bless. Be your own Proverbs 31 woman.


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    James Benita

    Love the casual look and the dramatic lippie. My dear I understand you with the cold issue trust me, you are so cold that you can’t even move. At least you got up to 9 picture perfect look to post.

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