3 Tablets of Denim a day: DIY Choker

Hola! welcome back to my blog, we are talking denim today.Jeans/Denim was first made as working clothes, because of its durable material, it was designed to fit loosely in form of overalls. Without the bib, it later became a symbol of youthful rebellion. Years later. it became accepted as part of fashion and the world hasn’t recovered from it ever since. Everyone has at least a pair of jeans in their wardrobe.

Overdosing on denim, is a very fashionable  and easy style to pull of, but it can easily become toxic if not done right. here are some tips:

1. Use different washes of jeans that fit together. Preferably a darker shade down and a lighter one up, but you can wear it the other way round as long as the washes fit.

2. If you are wearing the same shade and wash of jeans both up and down, try to add other items of a different and bold color with it. eg my jacket wash is lighter than my trouser, but i still wore a black net underneath and a bold shoe, to break any matchiness. If you are wearing a denim shirt, you can use a solid color jacket.

3. You can experiment with denim accessories like my DIY choker that i cut up from a worn out denim, but don’t go denim shirt, denim trouser, denim choker, denim bag, denim hat, denim shoes, denim everything you can possibly find all in one look.

The key is for the colors and clothes to fit and not to over do it. You can go triple denim this way.

The choker can also be worn from back to front without the button showing, but i forgot to turn it, cause i was cold and wanted to finish the shoot fast.

Don’t mind the almost a doctor symptom going on with the title.

That’s all for today people, would like to know how you style your denim in the comment section. Do visit again. Hasta luego! Thanks. Love.

Blessed Thoughts: Live inside out. Let what others see on the outside be an overflow of whats inside. Don’t let the circumstances outside influence how you feel inside. Create a life that feels good on the inside not one that looks good on the outside.



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