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When styling, its about fitting pieces together, from color to design to layering, down to the details on each piece. it may sound or look easy but sometimes its pretty much brain racking. One important thing about styling your clothes is wearing them with confidence. Whether you own the idea or you are recreating a style you saw, just wear it confidently. 

When i saw this Blazer at Zafulthe connection was instant. it wanted me as much as i wanted it. i just loved the structure and the details with the buttons. immediately i knew i was styling it with a white shirt and a black ripped jeans and posing on an old car. But i ended up with a wine colored trouser, and posing on the floor. Even though it wasn’t what i imagined, i decided to wear it confidently.

Also got this Layered Choker from Zaful. Chokers are jewelries that can enhance your look or give it a different feel. i totally love this piece, so subtle but yet made its presence felt.

Do visit Zaful and shop this look. Thanks for visiting. Love.

Blessed thoughts: It has been said that each of us is 1) What all humans are; 2) What some other humans are and 3) What no other human in the history of this world has been,is or will be.

Be confident in your uniqueness! Stop comparing yourself to others and wishing to be something or someone you are not. Instead work on being the best YOU.


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