Christmas Jumper: DIY Shoe

Hola, Que tal?

Christmas is coming, yeeeeh! I am so excited, but its not really fun spending christmas alone away from your family in a very cold country, I miss all the adrenalin of the season back at home. There is always plenty of food and drinks to share around and show love. Even if we don’t go out we always spend time together as a family. What happy  moments.

Thinking of the perfect christmas gift to give to your loved ones?  Well think no more. This Colorful Jumper from Zaful with its happy vibes will make a very good christmas present this season. I picked the XS size cause i wanted it fitted, so you can pick your appropriate size to go for the loose jumper look.

 So this isn’t exactly the yeezy boot DIY. I wore a knee length socks over my heels to achieve this. Also wearing pop-socks that is my skin tone, so the cold isn’t harsh on my skin. The gloves weren’t for fashion but the cold, but they seem to fit.

That’s it for today. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Thanks. Do visit again.

Blessed thoughts: As a lady, don’t just desire a man in power so it would rub off on you. You would only be called, the wife of a powerful or rich man. Desire to have works that you would be recognized by, that way you would your man’s crown and not living in his shadows.


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