Breakthrough Glasses.

Hola hermosas! How is the new year going?

Its a new year so I am trying something different this year. Yeah, its just glasses, everybody has a couple and wears them. Well, except Praise. I just had one really ugly one that doesn’t fit, which explains the problem. No glasses ever fits me, and trust me i have tried to buy a couple of times, but no glasses maker ever has me in mind.

I saw this Crossbar Transparent Glasses on Rosewholesale and decided to get it whether it fits or not, i didn’t want to go for too simple or out right weird, this just seemed to meet somewhere in the middle. Even though it also looked wrong on me when i first tried it on, but after taking the pictures, i think its not so bad. Would like to try another one out soon.

Thanks for reading guys, do checkout Rosewholesale for that glasses you have been wanting. Love.

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