Simple PONCHO Wrap

Hello people! Happy weakend. This week I wore a poncho, and I want to share it with you. A simple poncho can change your simple style. If you like to go simple most of the time like me, sometimes you need to add a bit of color or pattern to switch things up without doing too much.

This Stripe Pattern Wrap is a good way to add color and pattern to your look without trying too much. I got this from RosewholesaleIt was windy so i had to use a belt to hold it down, so you can either wear it free or with a belt. Went for a simple off white turtle neck sweater and white jeans and a mid calf boot to complete my style.

Just because i like this one 🙂

Thanks for reading guys, do visit again for more. Love.

Blessed thoughts: You were not born the same way, You don’t look alike, You don’t act alike – You can’t succeed alike. Find your path, don’t walk in someone else’s path.


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