My Go-To Look For School

Hola! Happy new week. Its another busy school week, 🙁 can’t wait to be done with school like……..DR LasBenditas loading in a few by God’s grace and love. I would be sharing my go-to look for school today. I am a very simple person, don’t like to do too much when it comes to going to school. With the very cold weather here that requires a huge and warm winter jacket, I always keep it simple inside so I wont feel suffocated. I always go with a simple sweater or top and plain pants or jeans ofcourse with thermal wear beneath, my boots(which must be very comfortable), my school bag and I am good to go. I don’t even wear any form of makeup to school apart from lip balm, except the day I feel like turning up to school which happens once in a year or when I am taking pictures for my blog. I also have a very simple makeup routine. Just foundation, powder and lip color( I love dark lip colors). I tried to do the full make up thing with concealer, blush, highlighter etc a few times, but I realized it wasn’t part of my calling and I have kept it simple ever since.

Speaking of simple and comfortable,  these Thigh Boots are. With the thigh boot trend now, you can wear it in comfort without the stress that comes with heels. It can also be folded down like you would see below. The boots are from Sammy Dress, the Bag is from Zaful, the Glasses is from Rosewholesale. Well, I don’t wear glasses to school though, but would try it out one of these days. I would have worn my winter jacket that i wear most, but I am sure you guys don’t want to see it 🙂

That’s it for today, happy sharing my routine with you guys. Let me know what you think below. Thanks, Love.

Blessed thoughts: I am not moved by what I see, by what I hear nor by what I feel. Only God’s word would move me. #Beaprayingwoman


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