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Welcome back! Hope your weekend went well. The weekend went really fast for me, wish I could have one more rest day. Still in the spirit of trying new things this year, I put together a look you can slay to events both evening and day. I don’t go out, so I barely have clothes for outings and wearing this skirt is really new for me. I had the material for the cape resting in my room for over a year now, but two weeks ago I decided to actually sew it and gave a friend of mine LAARRY_B to make the cape and skirt for me. My Tie Up Sandal is from Rosewholesale. It matches the look pretty well and the open back makes the heels a little more comfortable. I completed this look with my head wrap and some of my jewelries.

Thanks for visiting guys. Hasta Luego!

Blessed thoughts: Live for the future while you enjoy today. Begin the process for the future now.

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    so much love babe… this is very beautiful…. outfit well suited for day and night. I need to get myself nice capes and sandal as this.

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