Blazer, Joggers, Sneakers.

That moment when you are watching a korean drama and a man shows up all suited and daper only for him to finish the look with sneaker shoes. I got inspiration for this look from that. Though, i am not suited up but i am wearing a blazer on joggers and sneakers. Oh, and carrying a bag( i don’t do that often).

This is basically men’s Camo Jogger that i got from the male section of SammyDress. I kinda have a thing for male clothing. It was confusing trying to know my exact size equivalent for males, so I just picked my exact waist size in inches. I figured its the same tape measurement for both male and female. The joggers are just me. Simple, boyish and free. love them. My Sneakers is from RosewholesaleChoker from Zaful

Just because i like a little skin visible. I look pretty much composed for someone who was frozen. Visit back on tuesday for my second men’s jogger look. Let me know if you can possibly wear this in the comment section. Thanks.

Blessed thoughts: Words are things, what words are you speaking? I am speaking God’s words all the way. Speak what you want to see.

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