Hola preciosas! LasBenditas is back again. This post is not about fashion but me. I just wanted to have a fun photoshoot dazzol, but i think it would almost be a crime if i don’t talk a little fashion, so here we go: Surprisingly winter is already taking its claws in this early march in Ukraine. Most times it starts abating by end of march. I bought this red coat a long time ago but this is the second time i am wearing it. I like being comfortable in one thing, i really don’t switch things up. Then I wore my long boots from ROSEWHOLSALE, just to wish winter goodbye. But i won’t be surprised if it snows next week with the temperature back to minus twenty degrees. Beneath I am wearing a blue and black gown top and a skater skirt over it.Just in the mood of sharing, i would tell you guys 3 random things about me. Here we go:

  1. I love spanish language. I enrolled for spanish classes last year, i took a break at the end of last year till now, but i am definitely going back to it. I want to be fluent in it. LasBenditas is spanish for ‘Blessed’. though in its plural form. Everything about me carries the Blessing.
  2. I am a believer of God’s word. If God cannot do it, then it can’t be done. I am who the word says i am, i have what it says i have, i can do what it says i can do.
  3. I love icecream and cookies 🙂 Winter or summer, all year round. We in love like that. Well, that’s why i am expanding.

My collar didn’t arrange well but i can’t throw away the pictures can i?Yeah, i look like a child in these two, but that’s one of my many charms, and just because my friend likes them.That’s it for today guys. Have a lovely weekend.

Blessed thoughts: God wasn’t joking when He made you, He thought about you and carefully planned you out. He has plans to take care of you and not abandon you.

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    Benita James

    One can tell you love spanish judging by your intro line (Hola preciosas!) in every post, love your number 2 I can relate to it deeply, in my case I love Ice cream and dark chocolate cake whatever the season may be. Love your outfit dear and the location is beautiful. One random fact about both of us is we went to the same high school Mount Zion Academy to be precise.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

    • 6

      You also went to Mount Zion? Really? Yeah, i can’t wait to write a full post in spanish. Well, the ice cream is taking it easy on you given it is not storing in your body for later use like me?, Thanks for your love dear.

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