wide leg jumpsuitHola people. Its jumpsuit day on lasbenditas. This is the first wide leg jumpsuit i own. I have always loved a perfectly penciled jumpsuit and i have two of it. When the wide leg jumpsuit and palazzo pants were in focus, i liked the way it looked on women with enough hips and butts and i always thought i couldn’t pull it off because i don’t belong to that category.

I saw this on Zaful and i was like well lets see what i look like in wide legs, it can’t be so bad can it? Well, from the moment i put my legs in this, i knew it was no where near bad. I am so in love with the wide legs right now, i am planning on getting more jumpsuits and pants like this. The pants are free and yet it sticks to your body in the right areas. I think i have jumped ship from pencil to wide legs. I totally seemed to gain more hip width in this suit. Without sleeves, it is summer ready to allow that extra breeze.

I wore a round toe shoe which is also my first and added color with my scalloped purse. The belt comes with the jumpsuit and for some unknown reason, i just wanted to use an headwrap. Yeah, of course my new shades was also thrown into the mix.

Shop my look: Jumpsuit/HERE/ Shades/HERE/ Purse/HERE/ Shoes/HERE/wide leg jumpsuitwide leg jumpsuitwide leg jumpsuitwide leg jumpsuitIt was windy so my hair was flying about, i like this one so it stays.wide leg jumpsuit

wide leg jumpsuitThat’s it for today guys, hasta pronto! Leave your comments below and subscribe to my blog. Thanks. Love.

Blessed thoughts: No matter where you are beginning from, focus on where you are going to.

No importa donde empieces, enfócate en dónde vas a.


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    I love your blog. This outfit and photos are absolutely gorgeous. The prints are also unique! Love how you put it together with the head scarf. Wish I had someone to braid my hair like that. 🙂

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    LIVE! UK

    It looks absolutely gorgeous on you! Looks so comfy and you wear it so well. It is perfect for many occasions including the weddings, conferences, a night out. I am so excited to own the same one for me.

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