Basic Look (1): Off shoulder shirt, pants and sandals

Basic look Welcome back. I am doing a basic look compile comprising of 3 looks, all shirt and pants or jeans, going by my theme for this summer which is summer and free. Nothing complex

For this first look, i got the pants and shirt from To Save. It’s an interesting shirt with the off-shoulder top above and shirt beneath. The hat was just to make the portrait pictures interesting, didn’t wear it on the full look. I styled it two ways, with a block heel sandal and stiletto sandals. Would go with the block heels any day but for the extra lift on some occasions then the stilettos. I took the stiletto pictures on a very bad picture day so the pictures are quite different from the rest.

Like what you see?  Top//Here Pants//Here Choker//Here Block heels//Here  Fringe sandal//HereBasic lookBasic lookBasic lookBasic lookBasic lookBasic lookBasic lookThanks for stopping by. Leave your thoughts below.

Blessed thoughts: Your situation can not change God’s word, but God’s word can change your situation. Whatever situation you are in, your answer is in the word.

Su situación no puede cambiar la palabra de Dios, pero la palabra de Dios puede cambiar su situación.


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