Tips on styling plus size clothes.

tips on styling plus size clothesBeing a plus size is not a problem, the issue is finding the right Plus size clothes that fits your body shape and you can find this on Gamiss along with Lace dresses for this summer.

Few styling tips

*The number one rule in styling for plus size women is styling according to your body shape. We all have different body shapes and what fits a pear shape may not fit an oval shape. Know what category you belong to and find tips online on how and what to wear.

*If you have a rectangle shape or fuller waist line, enhance your curvature with waist belt or cinchers, full skirts that would make your upper body slimmer or flared pants.

*Don’t try to hide your figure under layers and layers of clothes. Wear fitted clothing that brings out the best in your figure. A dress that is fitted up and gets fuller downwards is always a win for those that shy away from too tight clothes.

*Don’t be afraid to wear patterns, just don’t wear dresses with really large geometric patterns cause this can make you look divided in different on styling plus size clothesThis Geometric print dress with the plain sides creates a slimmer figure and still accentuates your on styling plus size clothesThis Belted knee length dress is perfect for rectangle shaped on styling plus size clothesThis Checked high low top would complement any full figure.

Hope these tips have been helpful. Comment other tips below. Thanks.

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