1st year blog anniversary#Excitedmuch It’s Las Benditas 1st year anniversary today and the queen is also +1 today, double blessings yeah. I am especially grateful to God for the woman I am today and the woman I am becoming.

I started this blog on my birthday last year and it has been one good year of highs and lows. Times I was inconsistent because I was either busy becoming a doctor or just being lazy, times I was frustrated at where the blog was and thought of closing it down, times I was excited about blogging, times I made good posts, times I made average posts and times the posts were just not good enough. Lessons where learnt and the best I can do is learn from my mistakes this 2nd year and see this blog evolve into the original plans I had.

I want to thank all those who have viewed my blog consistently, a few times or even once for the past 1 year, without viewers, there is no blog. And to all those who have contributed to this blog and supported me when it was still an idea, Dimple, Moses, Dimplekhadi, Lateefah, Samad, Dr. Atoms and my No 1 fans- Papito and Mamita, thank you, love you guys.

My anniversary outfit.

Red is an attractive color (see post Here), when combined with black, it can be even more attractive. This dress is just gorgeous and I didn’t have to do too much to make it stand out. To correspond to my queenly status 🙂 I used a tiara. Wore a simple sandal and accessorized a little.

Dress from Lovelywholesale

In case you are wondering how old I am, see below. Thanks for viewing. Love. Enjoy. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog using the form at the bottom or on the side bar.1st year blog anniversary

1st year blog anniversary 1st year blog anniversary 1st year blog anniversary 1st year blog anniversary1st year blog anniversary 1st year blog anniversary 1st year blog anniversary 1st year blog anniversary 1st year blog anniversaryBlessed thoughts: It may not be easy, but it is possible.


Photography: O.M.A PHOTOGRAPHY


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    Wow! LasBenditas is one already…HaPpY B.D and First Anniversary dear!
    Love what you’ve been doing here, your blessed thoughts often made my day, and you look IRREPRESSIBLY GORGEOUS in that dress.

    cheers to greater heights!!!


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