My Love, my Papito, my Papochka, our Daddy o, where do I start? That fateful day 11th of January 2018 when death came knocking, at work, that same work you put your all into, who would have known? I remember the day before, I was travelling to Illorin, but I first stopped by the post office to pick up your shirt that we ordered together(the one I am wearing in the picture). I called you that I had picked it up and I was on my way to Illorin and you asked me to call you when I arrive at my destination. I did call you, the network was bad but you asked to talk to my friend and you asked her to take care of me till I leave her place. I never thought that would be the last time I would hear from you. The next day in the evening, after attending the court wedding of my friend, oblivious of the fact that you were dead I put on my tablet and got a condolence message on Instagram from an ex-student of your’s, I wondered why someone chose such an expensive joke, but after calling home and confirming, it felt like someone yanked out my carotids. How can a man full of life and fun just be gone like that?

“The H.O.D of civil engineering department Osun State University slumped and died” became news on papers, Tv and blogs. How can that even be my Papi they are talking about? I remember seeing you for the first time in 5 years last year August when I got back from Ukraine, I ran straight into your arms and that hug spoke loudly how much you love me. If I knew I had only 5 months left to spend with you, I would have hugged, kissed and told you how much I love you every single day of it. You called me your doctor every single day and you were so proud of me. I would give anything in this world just to to see you smile at me and call me doctor just one more time. Every day I think of you, I just always see you grinning with your teeth out just like me and making jokes all around the house.

When I first started blogging, I thought you would be against it, but you supported me and tagged yourself my manager, you liked my pictures, commented and read my posts, you would always ask about the progress of my blog and encourage me that it would get better. When you got the shoe I am wearing, it was too small for you, you gave it to me and said I should wear it on my blog. Didn’t think I would be wearing it this way. You did your best for us, loved us with every cell in you and I am sure you just didn’t give in to death that day, I know you fought to stay alive for your Anike, for your Doctor, your Professor and your Nurse. You are the only dad I want, I love that I look like you more.

I came back to Nigeria very determined not to work here, so I wasn’t going to write the qualification exam to practice. You advised me and begged me to write it and we concluded I would write this April. You found an hospital for me to go to learn so I won’t just sit at home and you drove me there everyday I was willing to go and brought me home any time I asked. It was stressful for you to wake up an hour earlier than normal and first drive me to the hospital before going to work but you did it with love. If someone had said you wouldn’t live to see me write this exam, I would have laughed my hardest and loudest, but it really wasn’t meant to be. I wrote the exams and I passed, not I but God’s grace, and it meant a lot to all of us, cause you lived your last days around this. TRIBUTE TO A GREAT MAN

I still can’t believe you are gone, I feel like we are starring in a movie on African magic. It just doesn’t get better, sometimes I wonder how I am still breathing cause it’s so hard to take it all in. You had plans to play with your grandchildren already, you couldn’t wait for them to start climbing you. I have daydreamed of our father-daughter dance on my wedding, more times than I can count. The memories I have of you of the last 5 months of your life, I would cherish till I join you. I thank God for giving me those 5 months to hold on to, that you didn’t leave before I came back. You were a Father and helper to many, a giver, a good husband and a good teacher. You are loved by many especially we your family and would be missed greatly.


Till we meet, till we meet,
Till we meet at Jesus’ feet;
Till we meet, till we meet,
Daddy, God be with you till we meet again


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    My Deepest Condolences Praise. This is heartbreaking but remember that God has your Back. May his soul rest in Peace.

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    God continue to keep and bless you as you strive to fulfil your dreams and even surpass the lagacies Daddy left behind. He is forever in our hearts. It is well, surely!

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