A friendly day out.

A friendly day outHello everyone! how was the weekend? Happy Independence day to us. We are Nigeria. May God’s grace continue to dwell with us. Amen.

I met this beautiful woman, she is a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, a student and lots more. How did we meet? We met on Instagram. She commented on a post I made and asked if we can do a shoot together. To me, it was a nice idea, but a part of me was just telling me this is Nigeria, you can’t just meet people off Instagram. I entered her DM and we talked. That same day(Thursday), she came to my place, we discussed the shoot, lo and behold we were out on Monday having a friendly shoot.

Just spending a day with her, I realized she is a “go getter”. She gets things done when she is interested. She is a very pleasant person, very industrious and goal oriented. I learnt how powerful connecting with the right people can be and not being afraid to do what you need to do to achieve your goals. She would literally see someone she doesn’t know and say “He looks like someone I can pitch my business ideas to”. Even while having fun she was still thinking solutions. It was really nice meeting someone new, connecting and learning. Oh! she made the lovely beads we are both wearing. You can wear it to work and other social events.

Enjoy the pictures and have a lovely week ahead. Love. Kisses.A friendly day out A friendly day out A friendly day out A friendly day outA friendly day out A friendly day out A friendly day outBeadsbyushpro




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